Tips on choosing pet food and nutrition

As your pet cannot choose the food, it is only you who needs to make the choice. Pet food ads, magazines and TV commercials showcase that the advertised pet food is nutritious and good for the furry creature. However, it is not the truth. When you choose the food for a pet, you need to make a selection among dry food and canned food. Then, the brand also needs to be chosen. Things may be confusing and so you can just follow certain tips or secrets to choosing healthy and safe pet food. Getting balanced nutrition is an essential part of pet care which you have to ensure. It is important to buy the product which is backed by vets or recommended by experienced vets.

Do not judge the food quality by the label

Most of the product manufacturers use words like ‘premium’ or ‘choice’. But only a few products make use of choice ingredients or premium ingredients. If you find the use of such terms, know that they are just marketing and sales terms. No pet food can ever make the claim of using premium quality ingredients. You should not base your buying decision on the basis of such terms.

Search for real food ingredients

Commercial grade healthy pet foods are prepared from food ingredients that are natural and reflect the very need of the pet. When it comes to the content of the food, all the used ingredients are mentioned clearly. There must be animal derived ingredients in the pet food. The quality of each one of them is essential for the health of the pet. If you find the words like ‘fish meal’, ‘chicken meal’, ‘animal fat’, etc, you must know that they are low quality contents and the product is not worth buying. On the other hand, it must clearly describe what part of animal is being used. Terms like ‘animal parts, ‘cod’, beef liver ’,‘ chicken heart’ must be searched for.

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